Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TLP Gets Interviewed on Bilge Munky Radio (Pirate Radio)

Hey everybody, The Laffite Project just did an interview on Bilge Munky Radio (aka Pirate Radio).  We are definitely making headlines.  You can click the title of this blog or go to  On the home page click on the link  --Bilgemunky radio - Xmas time, and Laffite's lineage--  which is on the right hand side of the page. You can listen to the entire podcast or fast forward to our interview at about 1:00:50 
Check out the interview, it's good.  If you like pirate stuff the podcast is pretty funny!!!
Blog back if you have any questions...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey friends & family our recent interview with the Bay Area Observer has gone to print and is available online (see link) and news-stands along the Texas Gulf Coast. The interview does a great job of providing a behind the scenes perspective of our story and journey. One thing we didn't touch on was- Laffite's last known vessel he was aboard when he fled Galveston. Many theories, first-hand accounts, and legends have clouded history. And, like most of Laffite's life is subject to interpretation and perspective. We, however do not operate from an academic perspective or allow legend to become our truth. We will find the missing pieces that will complete the picture of the world's most elusive, mysterious, & lucrative pirates ever. After three years of research, we have come to believe that there is more that is unknown than there is known. If we can locate his Pride ship, its contents may reveal more than we already know about him. Based on research of others- many have concluded that he died somewhere in the Yucatan around 1823. Yet, evidence does support that he may have invented this story (or someone else claiming to be Laffite died there). Authors who have written about Laffite all agree on one thing if nothing else- no one knows the whole truth about Laffite. This is half of the reason TLP exists. The other half is to answer the 200 year old question in our family-Was our ancestor really Jean Laffite?