Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Theories on the birth of Jean Laffite

How about a general a general discussion of all the theories of Jean Laffite's birth?  It seems to be a fitting place to start, plus it is the most controversial subject concernng Laffite.  After all the theories are put down, perhaps we should discuss the pros and cons of each.  Here are some of the theories: 

  • Pauillac, France (Bordeaux region); theorized by W.C. Davis The Pirate's Laffite
  • Martigues, France; theorized by the Hix brothers
  • Conflicting eye witness accounts of Jean Laffite claiming to be from  cities Brest and St. Maloe, France, and the Bordeaux region of France
  • St. Dominique; claimed by the Journal of Jean Laffite, also independently theorized by Jack Ramsay Laffite, Prince of Pirates
  • New York, USA; I have only heard of this and not seen it in writing, also claimed by Jeff Jones
 These are the theories off the top of my head.  Are there any others?

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