Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TLP Creates A Blog!

Ahoy There Mateys!
I know.. Its about time TLP created a blog, right? Well, The wait is finally over! If you like Pirates of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp, National Treasure with Nicolas Cage,  or The Princess Bride with Inigo Montoya then you're going to love our project and this blog! For videos on our project check out the official TLP youtube channel!   - Jay Hix Jones, Creator/Producer

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  1. In the early 90s I came across a little book that had about 6 stories related to treasure. One was concerning the Laffite treasure in Lake Miller. I went back to find the book in 2001 and it wasnt there. The Lamar library created an historical smallish library room in which I believe the book may be found. I believe you have to get permission now to visit this room within the Lamar library.
    Anyway, the book had a pic of several persons at Lake Miller using long poles to search a portion of the lake they believed Laffites treasure may be. Not sure when this expedition was but the pic and search story was from an article in the Houston Chronicle. They did say they hit something man made which they were confident was some kind of vessel, but never retrieved it. I believe I remember it was a team of researchers from the University Houston. I actually went to Lake miller for two reasons. Just to see the lake and to look for Indian artifacts. According to a topo corps map I found in the Lamar library there was in Indian site west of lake miller. That's all I'm saying bout that for obvious reasons ;)
    Also in the Lamar library in the early 90s, I found a book on civil war forts. It showed the sabine pass fort AND another fort a short distance away from Sabine that no one knew about. I found and discovered this fort/battery with my own eyes and hands before the Lamar Professor did who now takes this claim... you know who you are.
    I garnered a plethora of info from the Lamar library in the early 90s which helped my locate and find many a treasure. Just passing a few tid bits bc I am now in SD ca. Lamar library is located in Beaumont Tx.
    There are many wonderful sites I have not mentioned in east Texas to be rediscovered ;)